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                Be One with The Universe

                Client:SHENZHEN PARKLAND GROUP CO., LTD.
                Date of release:July 2019 

                In this 2-minute film the director only usea fixed shot, within the shots are constant changes of wind and clouds, sunrise and sunset, heavy rains and lightning, day and night.

                What the audience sees in the film is scenery, yet the director is implicating the true meaning of human life.

                Human life, just like the views outside the window, is full of ups and downs, surging forward with great momentum.

                And human life, like this 2-minute fixed shots, will eventually become simple and tranquil.

                On the top of China's most expensive apartment, it has taken 5 cameras  to shoot the film simultaneously in one year and two months . The film ultimately has come out of more than one million photomontages. 

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