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                Client: Guangdong JD Cosmo Industry development Co., Ltd.
                Date of release: May 2020

                This is a depiction of a modern high-tech industrial park.

                The film centers around a space carrier in the era of interstellar navigation of the mankind. Inside this space carrier about the size of an asteroid, three rings (i.e. port industrial ring, ecological ring and urban ring) spin slowly with centrifugal force to simulate gravity. At the bottom of these rings are massive oceans and everything is in perfect order. The space carrier is leisurely advancing towards the depths of an unknown universe.

                This film conveys a subtle message that human beings share this limited space on our planet; countries and nations should not battle each other, but eliminate estrangement, unit as one, and look ahead with a broader vision to seek new energies, explore the unknown and drive the progress of human civilization. Just as the slogan aptly said at the end of the film, “The Journey of Mankind is The Sea of Stars.”

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